raleigh north carolina realtor for first time home buyers

Ready to purchase your first home?

You've graduated college, got your first job, and now you're putting on your grown up pants and are financially ready to purchase your first home. You know a home is an investment and you have the tools to make it happen, but need guidance to get it done.

let's make things happen

If you answered YES to the above (maybe even with a fist pump) I am ready to serve you.

You might be:
  • Financially ready to invest in your first home
  • Needing some hand-holding in explaining some realty terms
  • Wanting to get your parents involved in the process

want to know a secret about buying your first home?
it's not that hard.

So...how do you have a seamless first purchase?
    That's easy to answer

an experienced

realtor you can trust.

Having a realtor in your corner who has worked with clients just like you gives you a key advantage towards getting that house you want. If you really want that house, your realtor is going to know what it takes to get it because they've been there before. 

It all starts with teaching you what you can afford, how you can afford it, and often, how to create an offer if you're currently in a lease.

I'm allison, a north carolina realtor who fell in love with real estate after watching the excitement of countless clients purchase their dream homes.

I've been a realtor for x years in the Triangle area of North Carolina and I can tell you purchasing your home smoothly is guaranteed with my combined experience and knowledge of a widespread area. No matter what team you cheer for (Tar Heels, Wolfpack, or Blue Devils) I am someone you want on YOUR team.

As a devoted gardener I understand how important it is to start your roots off in the right place so let's get you that awesome first home.

" Allison was persistent in finding the perfect home which checked all our boxes."

Since you're new to this

here's how we'll start things:


After discussing your needs in a home I'll educate you on all the fancy realtor terms like down-payment and loan types. We'll go over what you can afford and how to do so.


We'll research and visit homes together to figure out what is the best fit based on your needs and budget.


Once we've found "the one" we'll put in a great offer and structure it with your current lease if applicable so you don't have to worry about that.

let's make things happen

I get RESULTS for my first time buyers

Strategies to help buyers win in multiple offer situations

Pricing homes right in the current market conditions to bring top dollar for listings

Consistently getting clients to the closing table with a seamless transaction

Navigating the strong market we are in and low inventory

First call service to take the stress of buying and selling

I had a ton of questions being a first-time home buyer, and Allison was very helpful and patient with whatever questions I had.

Allison is sharp, meticulous, extremely knowledgeable, communicative, patient, and a pleasure to go house hunting with!

My dream home had multiple offers in just one day, but Allison, being the pro that she is, made sure that we placed the most competitive offer - and we won! 

The real estate process doesn't have to be slow moving.
Let's get things done.

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