seven lakes and pinehurst realtor for empty nesters

Retirement in a new home is right around the corner.

You're at a place in your life where your kids have moved out and you're ready to downsize and possibly even move south where it's warmer! This stage of your life has been earned and you are looking for someone to help settle you into your golden years.

let's make things happen

If you can relate to the above,
 I am ready to serve you.

You might be:
  • Becoming an empty nester and want to downsize
  • Moving to North Carolina from another state
  • Needing to have a virtual tour because the market is moving fast

this isn't your first time buying a home,
but you know a savvy realtor makes a big difference. can we get that dream home seamlessly if you're moving from out of state?

Working with a realtor who

is easily accessible and gets things done.

Having a realtor in your corner who has worked with clients just like you gives you a key advantage towards getting that house you want. If you really want that house, your realtor is going to know what it takes to get it because they've been there before. 

Since you might not be a NC's something important to know about due-diligence.

North Carolina is a due diligence state. This means lots of protection for sellers, not buyers. To help protect buyers there is a nominal fee to the seller for a negotiated period of time that enables buyer to visit home and be under contract while making decision about home.
They then have the option to end contract. 

I'm allison, a north carolina realtor who fell in love with real estate after watching the excitement of countless clients purchase their dream homes.

I've been a realtor for ten years in the Triangle area of North Carolina and I can tell you purchasing your home smoothly is guaranteed with my combined experience and knowledge of a widespread area. No matter what team you cheer for (Tar Heels, Wolfpack, or Blue Devils) I am someone you want on YOUR team.

As a devoted gardener I understand how important it is to transfer your roots to a new place so let's get you to your new home.

"She was there every step of the way. Once my offer was accepted, she was with me through the inspections and follow-ups, through due diligence and then through closing. "


If you're either downsizing to a new home from out of state or from a different part of North Carolina, purchasing your next home includes a lot of fast moving and thinking in this ever-changing market. Knowing what I'll do for you will help ease your mind of working together. Here's a list of the main services I provide:

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Since this isn't your first purchase

let's cut to the important steps:


You most likely will reach out to me for a virtual (or in person) tour of a home you've found online and want to move fast on.


I will bring my handy iPhone with me to that home and make sure I virtually walk you around so you can get a feel for the home "in-person."


Whenever you choose "the one" whether you visit it in person with me or want to put an offer in after a virtual tour, I will put together an offer with due-diligence in mind.

let's make things happen

I get RESULTS for my first time buyers

Strategies to help buyers win in multiple offer situations

Pricing homes right in the current market conditions to bring top dollar for listings

Consistently getting clients to the closing table with a seamless transaction

Navigating the strong market we are in and low inventory

First call service to take the stress of buying and selling

Allison is sharp, meticulous, extremely knowledgeable, communicative, patient, and a pleasure to go house hunting with!

My dream home had multiple offers in just one day, but Allison, being the pro that she is, made sure that we placed the most competitive offer - and we won! 

The real estate process doesn't have to be slow moving.
Let's get things done.

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